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New Bluetooth headset mobile phone cleaning tool (7 pieces)🔥buy two free shipping


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          product description

          • 🔥【Retractable Brush and Key Remover】Equipped with keycaps for cleaning the keyboard, allowing you to clean the bottom of the keyboard effortlessly by using a simple key puller. The high-density brush is large and sturdy enough to easily clean keyboard crevices, desk tops, and more.


          • 🔥【Innovative Foldable Cleaning Pen】It is very convenient and quick to clean sticky and tough dirt hidden between cracks and holes in earphones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, keyboards, etc. with plastic clips when using silicone cleaning pens, plus cleaning solution Spray, the cleaning effect is better!


          • 🔥【Multi-Purpose Cleaning Kit】2023 Newest Cleaning Supplies Kit with 7 different functions, allows you to clean grease and grime from your computer screen, remove dust and debris from your laptop keyboard, and remove dust and debris from headphones, earphones or camera lenses fingerprints.


          The latest 7 in 1 professional cleaning kit in 2023 with a brand new design for easy portability, innovative design,

          and suitable for almost any small home electronic device including computer screens and keyboards, tablet screens, mobile phone and TV screens, camera lenses and all modern headphones.


          Clean the screen - Spray screen cleaner mist evenly on the screen and wipe with a high-fiber cloth stuck to the cleaning box. Edges that are not thoroughly cleaned can be wiped with a glasses cloth. Clean the keyboard - If it's a mechanical, gaming or office keyboard, use a keycap remover to remove the keys (PS: only for trapezoidal keycaps), then use a retractable keyboard brush to clean.


          3 in 1 Airpods Cleaning Pen silicone and Plastic Nip - Cleaning earwax in the sound hole of headphones


          Customer questions & answers

           Question:How many items are there in this product?

           Answer:Ours is a seven-in-one cleaning product

          Question:Can I use this product to clean my headphones, computer and phone screen?
           Answer:Absolutely! You can use it to clean the screen of any electronic device, and it is very clean. I bought two. One gave it to my girlfriend as a gift, and the other was used to clean the screen of the office computer at any time.
          Question:How does this product clean?
           Answer:Our cleaning product has a good cleaning effect and can clean dirt from various products, mobile phone screens, earphones, etc.You can buy with confidence

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          product properties

          product name:computer cleaning brush

          Is it a set:set

          Package Size:14.2*6*3.5cm

          color:pink, blue

           Applicable equipment:notebook, mobile phone,bluetooth headset etc.

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